Bullet journaling has been all the rage on Pinterest. Naturally since I saw everyone else creating one I had to start one. In fact, my 2017 resolution was to make a bullet journal and actually keep up with it! Unfortunately, I have started it, but, I haven’t been keeping up with it.

Before I share my bullet journal I just want to say that my bullet journal is NOT perfect. I’m slowly working on it and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment (please I need help).

I purchased my journal from Barnes & Noble for only $10. I bought a cheaper one because a little part of me knew I wasn’t going to keep up with it very well. I decorated the plain journal with washi tape that was purchased at a local craft store.


For the month of March, I kept my title page simple! This isn’t my cutest page but, it didn’t turn out too bad! fullsizerender-1

My previous title pages were a lot cuter. All I did was cut out scrapbook paper and glue it to the page! It’s super easy and it gives your pages an extra pop. If you have a Tuesday Mornings near you I highly recommend that you go there! That is where I purchased most of my scrapbook paper for about $5. They have a large section of art and scrapbooking supplies for a great price!

Here are my previous monthly pages:



This month I actually made a monthly layout. Normally I don’t because I’m a perfectionist and I get irritated when the blocks aren’t all the same size. It does take a lot of time but, it looks super cute!

•••Remember to make your lines in soft pencil so when you erase it you can’t see the lines that were once there.



Yes, I know it’s weird that my days of the week are at the bottom. But, this is because I made my blocks too large! Putting them at the bottom saved me from ripping this page out and starting all over again! I’m trying to accept my mistakes.

At the top, I put a quote that caught my eye. The quote reads “Learn when it’s best to bite your tongue. Temper the nest of hornets in your loveless mouth”. Next, to the quote, I put the month of April so I know what the month is going to look like. Honestly, I just did this to fill the space (oops).

Below the month of April, I put a notes section so I can jot down important things that are going to happen within that month. This is supposed to help me remember things but, I will probably forget.

Now, for my weekly spread, I kept it simple. For each week I typically plan out one week at a time.This helps me get my mind right for the week that is ahead and if I want to change my weekly spread I can!fullsizerender-3

My goal for this month is to doodle little things that I did for each day. Also, I am going to leave a large space on either the left or right side of the page so I can write a quote in new, font. This will help me step my calligraphy game up.

For my last page, I created a simple memories page. This is where I will glue everything that I have acquired over the month.I love the idea of this page because it will be nice to go back and look at all of the fun things I did during that particular month!


I left the page to the right blank for a reason. On this page, I will glue my favorite photo from this month and journal about that day. I will write about why that was my favorite photo and what happened!

Fingers crossed that I actually go through with journaling this month! I really want to be able to look back and see the things I’ve done and how I have grown in my artistic abilities.

It’s important to remember that your bullet journal doesn’t have to be perfect. Yes, Pinterest has some beautiful bullet journal pages but, it probably took that person hours to create that page! The beauty in a bullet journal is that it’s messy and it’s not organized! It’s all of your thoughts, plans, and ideas in one cute little journal!

Other pages I’ve done:


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