Living a healthy lifestyle is very important.  You don’t have to be extremely healthy to maintain a “healthy lifestyle” but it can be a little harder to maintain this lifestyle in college. I would consider myself to live a healthy lifestyle and I still eat Wendy’s, go out for drinks, and can be lazy at times. It’s all about moderation.  Here are some tips that help me maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying life.

1. Don’t drink as much

This tip is #1 on my list because drinking is very prevalent in college. Stop drinking every single weekend. If you can’t stop yourself from this than at least only drink one day out of the week. Alcohol has a lot of calories in it so it is important that you not drink as much.

2. Cook Dinner

We all have a dining hall that is filled with pizza, fries, and tons of desserts. A meal plan is expensive so using your swipes is important but, if you can cook at home do it! Stop buying those microwavable dinners and learn how to cook chicken, fish, and rice. Your diet is very important and affects your mood! You are what you eat….

3.  Get good sleep

If you’re in college you are probably laughing at this one. Getting a good amount of sleep is almost impossible in college. Roommates are loud,  papers are due, and sometimes we stay out way too late. It’s important that you find a happy medium! Try to block out the noise by wearing some headphones or even try an eye mask.

4. Exercise

Getting some sort of exercise every day will help you keep some weight off! Going to the gym might not fit into your schedule and that’s okay. If you can’t make it to the gym try walking to your classes instead of driving, stretch when you wake up in the morning or try to do some at home exercises.

If you make a conscious effort to make a change in your daily habits you will start to see changes in your mood and with your body. Living a healthy lifestyle in college is possible! It just takes a little bit of effort.




Once the weather starts to get a little colder I lose all motivation to try to dress cute. Athleisure is a new trend where you wear your workout clothes in a cute way but is also needed for the gym! This trend is great if you have a busy schedule or in college due to the fact that you can look cute in a quick amount of time! Here are my athleisure essentials.


Wireless Headphones


Wireless Headphones are essential to go a good workout and looking cute. Nothing is more annoying than having to worry about the cord while working out or walking around. It always gets tangled up or caught in something.

A Smart Watch


Smartwatches, Apple Watches, or FitBits are all good accessories to wear in and outside of the gym. These watches track your sleep patterns, how many steps you take, and how many calories you are burning. I have the Apple Watch and I love it. You can switch out your band and it’s waterproof!!

A Cute Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is important so why not have a cute water bottle! A S’well water bottle is a little bit on the pricier side but T.J. Maxx always has cute water bottles.

A Cute Pair of Sneakers


Buying a cute pair of black sneakers is really important. They will go with anything! I would pay attention to what brand you wear the most unless you don’t mind wearing two different brands at once!

Nice Leggings


Leggings are also extremely important. I try to avoid any leggings that aren’t black. Black leggings don’t show sweat, stains, and go with almost everything! Plus you can wear these in the fall, winter, spring, and maybe summer.

Pullover / Crewneck


A nice pullover or sweatshirt is not a want but a need. Instead of walking around in your dingy workout tops you can just put a cute pullover on!

It is possible to look cute, trendy, and be ready for the gym all at once. Thank goodness athleisure became a trend. It made getting ready a lot easier!

My Go-To Exercises

On almost every form of social media, you will see a video of someone working out on your feed.  Some of these workouts seem a little crazy and sometimes even impossible. It’s important that you incorporate simple exercises into your routine. Here on some of my favorite exercises that are simple, effective, and have helped me gain a lot of strength!

1. The SquatUnknown.jpegThis is such a simple exercise that can be done in many different ways. If you’re intimated by a barbell you can use a free weight, a kettlebell, or you could just use your body weight! This is definitely my go-to exercises and always gives me a good burn.

2.Interval Training


Interval training will help you lose that stubborn fat in a quick and efficient way.  Instead of running at a steady pace for 20 plus minutes try to change your speed. For example, I will run at a pace of 8 for 45 seconds and will jump to the side of the treadmill to rest for 10 seconds. I will do this for 10 rounds or until I’m fatigued.

3.Push Up’swebmd_photo_of_trainer_doing_pushups.jpg

Push Up’s are a very basic exercise that can be done anywhere! Push up’s work not only your chest but also your shoulders, triceps, and your core. If you aren’t strong enough to do a normal push up you can always get on your knees to do them!

These three exercises will help you burn fat and build some muscle! These workouts are extremely simple and can be modified to your ability. Make sure you increase your weight, speed, or amount of reps if the exercises start to get too easy. Don’t forget that change doesn’t happen quickly. It may take you 3 or 4 weeks to notice a difference!




Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.  Your body can move and do amazing things only if you take care of it. It’s hard to do both simultaneously. Life gets in the way and we sometimes forget to eat better, get enough sleep, and even be active.

Personally, I go through periods of time where I stop working out and tracking what I eat and I feel terrible. I sleep all day, I lack energy, and mentally I’m not happy.  Here are three easy ways to make sure you’re not only keeping your body happy but also your mind.


It’s important that individuals sleep an average of 6-8 hours a night but for some people, this might be impossible. As a college student, I barely ever get 6 hours of sleep. This is because I am so stressed that I can’t allow my mind to calm down.

Some tips for getting better sleep are to not be on your phone or laptop 1 hour prior to you going to sleep. Also, make sure you aren’t drinking caffeinated drinks late at night.  Try to read a book, or drink some warm tea as you start winding down. I found that Celestial Sleepytime Tea works the best!

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 12.28.26 PM.png

2. Stress less

This one might be the toughest. But, overall you should avoid situations or people that make you unhappy.  Stress can make a person feel drained which causes them to not have a lot of energy. It’s important that if you are stressed to find something that makes you happy. For me, going to the gym is a huge stress reliever. Nothing makes me feel better than hitting a new PR ( personal record) or just getting a good workout in.

3. Slow Down

It’s important that you take time for yourself every once in a while. I call slowing down “me time”. Life can be crazy but you need to make time for things that me YOU happy not others. Take a weekend to just be alone and reflect on what’s going on in your life. Nothing is wrong with binge watching some T.V shows every once and a while!

Hopefully, these three tips will help you keep your mind and body healthy! It’s important to make sure that you’re not only healthy but also happy.

Heres to a week of slowing down, stressing less, and getting better sleep!

How To Start Working Out : 3 Tips For Beginners

For some people, just the thought of going to the gym scares them let alone, starting a routine. It’s important to remember that everyone starts from somewhere and not everyone’s starting point is the same. Here are some tips that I have used or that I have found helpful when beginning my fitness journey!

1. What are your fitness goals?

Before working out it is important to pinpoint what your fitness goals are. Are you wanting to lose weight? Gain more muscle mass? Loose 5 inched of off your hips? These are important questions to ask yourself. Once you have figured out your fitness goals it’s important that you write them down or create a vision board. Once this is created you should place it somewhere you look every day.

2. Do Your Research

Starting something new means that you are a beginner and might not know how to do certain movements or how to work certain machines properly. Hiring a personal trainer is not always the most affordable option. There are a lot of free sources that provide you with clear instructions on how to squat, deadlift, plank correctly, and much more. Personally, I used YouTube and it is extremely helpful. This is because you can not only see what the person is doing but, you can also hear their instructions and. Some helpful YouTubers and my personal favorites are Whitney Simmons, Nikki Blacketter, and Meg Squats.

3.Create a workout plan

Now that you have done your research and know what your fitness goals are, it’s important to plan out your workouts. A good resource on how to do this properly is by watching a video done by Heidi Somers. Creating a workout plan helps you visualize what workouts you are going to do for the following week. Also, once you start to see your progress you will understand what is working for your body and what’s not.

These three tips will help anyone begin their fitness journey. It’s important to remember that everyone starts from somewhere and to be kind to your body. Progress does not happen overnight or within a couple of weeks. It takes time, patience, and dedication.

Comment what helped you the most on your fitness journey!

Wow, hi followers! I know I have been completely MIA lately but, I just went on a super fun trip to NYC and wanted to share some photos with you guys. I can catch you guys up on all the boring stuff later!

I remember the first time I went to New York City and  I absolutely fell in love and said to myself this is where I want to be. Fast forward 5 years and I still get that feeling every single time I visit.

The weather was freezing cold this time so my mom and I focused our attention on going to museums. Shopping for me isn’t really a priority since I have tons of clothing and everything is super expensive.

Here is a list of the major places I visited while I was there for 5 days.

  • MoMA
  • The Met
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not
  • Chelsea Market
  • Black Tap

I hope you enjoy my photo diary! If you know any cool spots in NYC that aren’t “touristy” please comment! I am always looking for cool places to visit.



The drive is about 8 hours long. My mom drove the first 4 hours and then we switched. This meant that I had to drive through the city. Let’s just say that the lanes are a suggestion. Also, if you have to switch lanes don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid to get hit. All in all, I handled it pretty well but my mom was a little scared in the passenger seat.



Since we got to the hotel later in the day, we decided to go to the Ripleys Believed It or Not museum in Times Square. Normally, we wouldn’t choose to do something like this but, we wanted to fill our time with something different. Also, I hate Times Square with a passion. It’s one of those places where you only need to go once.

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“Black Hole” This was super hard to walk through and made you very dizzy

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IMG_4556Processed with VSCO with a5 preset












MoMA was our next stop on this trip. I was really excited about this because I have never been able to go! We started at the top level at worked our way down. I would highly recommend this way to anyone who visits any museum. If you think about it, it’s honestly the most logical way to do it. This was by far my favorite part of the trip!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

On this day we also went to eat at Black Tap. You will probably recognize this restaurant because the milkshakes are super famous. I would highly recommend Black Tap. The service was really good and the food came out very fast. But, a burger is $18….

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This $15 milkshake was worth every penny. I decided to get the Cookies and Creme one. That giant cookie is actually a massive oreo ice cream sandwich!


This day out of all the days was the most interesting day. The temperature was freezing and we got stuck in a snowstorm. I didn’t pack properly so I wore suede boots and by the time we got outside my toes were soaking wet and I couldn’t feel them. This resulted in my mom and I having to find a store that had rain boots. Thank you Payless, I owe you big time.

Since it was snowing like crazy we spent most of our day in The Met. Let me just say I have seen enough Renaissance paintings to last a lifetime. The museum was massive and not to mention there are two other museums that you get to see when you purchase a ticket. By the end of this day we were cold, tired, and over museums.

IMG_4932Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset










Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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On our final full day in NYC, we decided to go to Chelsea Market. I didn’t take many pictures due to the fact that I go there almost everytime we visit. On the day that we went, it was international women’s day and we were able to get flowers for free. The flowers were beautiful and it was such a sweet gesture. I wanted to go to Dumbo on this day but, I was so tired that I forgot. Dumbo is a must if you ever visit the city!





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These cupcakes were SO tasty!
Sleepy girl on the 7 train


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Snowy views from The Met


On the fifth day, it was time to leave. It’s really depressing to go to NYC and then go back to school. Hopefully, I will be able to live and work in the city but, until then I will continue to visit this amazing city any chance I get.



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Influenster Dorm Life Voxbox

Last week I received my first Voxbox from Influenster! If you guys don’t know what Influenster is, it is basically a website where you fill out surveys and give reviews. Every once in a while you will get an email that will ask you to take a survey to see if you are qualified for the next Voxbox!


My box took about 2 weeks to get to me. I think this is because I go to school in the middle of nowhere.


Here are all of the FREE goodies I received from Influenster! I actually got two different packages of Sour Punch Mini Bites BUT I ate the other package before taking this picture (oops).


One of the items I received were these tampons. Not much to say about these because, well, they’re tampons and they get the job done. But, this is the brand I ALWAYS use.


Next up is this acne body & face scrub. I have crazy skin. Sometimes my skin is oily and then its dry. Honestly, I cant remember when my face wasn’t broken out. This scrub leaves my skin feeling so nice. I’ve only used it twice so far so I don’t know if this stuff actually works.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I was really excited when I saw I got nail polish! I honestly paint my nails a different color every other day. Only because I pick it off but, I still love to paint my nails. The pink is in the color 24/7 and the purple is in the color PURPUNK. The purple color is an overcoat & it gives your nail a shattered effect.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

OKAY now, this dry shampoo is SO SO SO good! It’s been super humid where I am at for the past week & this stuff has been amazing. The only bad thing about this product is that it is white. So you really have to be careful about how much you put in your hair!


Another thing that was in my box was this protein bar. I normally don’t eat them because they’re normally super chewy and gross But, this Balance bar in the flavor cookie dough wasn’t too bad.


Lastly, I recieved this yummy pack of Sour Punch Mini Bites. I actually got two different packs but, I ate the other ones. I shouldn’t be eating these at all because I have braces BUT I couldn’t resist!

That is what I received in my Dorm Life Voxbox. Thank you so much Influenster!! I can’t wait to see what I get in my next box!

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As a junior in college, I now live in a one bedroom apartment! I have actually lived here since last semester. My apartment is still considered on campus even though it isn’t actually “on campus”. This just means I can’t paint or have an animal (which sucks).

My apartment did come fully furnished! I did buy a couple of pieces though just to make it more like home and for storage reasons. Ya girl has A LOT of stuff.

I am still in the process of decorating and changing the vibe of my space. But here is what it looks like now!

Outside of my door, I put this cute little mat! The first night back at school someone moved it but hopefully, no one messes with it anymore.


This doormat was only $10.99 from Target


This doormat will add character to any door! Especially in a boring college hallway.



BEDROOM 1FullSizeRender-15


















I’m currently trying to find an inexpensive cow hide rug. I am also trying to make my living space match my tapestries and cow skull! Slowly but surely my space will come together. But for now, I am very happy with it!






Monthly Update: May & June

Life has been moving extremely fast for me lately. I have been so busy with my personal life and career that I haven’t had time to actually sit down and get my thoughts together. Let me catch you up with what has been going on.

I officially started my internship

Some of you already know about my internship. But, for those of you that don’t know, I am a marketing intern for Live Nation. As soon as I came home from my sophomore year of college I started my internship TWO days later. Crazy, I KNOW. I was just SO excited about this opportunity so naturally, I had to start ASAP.

I’m not going to go into much detail about what I do but I will tell you the perks!

  1. There are dogs in the office
  2. Free dinner every concert night
  3. Free concerts ALL SUMMER

My daily commute

There is only one negative to my internship and that is actually getting there and waking up. Due to the fact that it is an hour away from my house. I have to wake up 2 hours in advance. Traffic is always awful getting there and coming home. I waste about 4 hours of my day driving their and back.

Workin’ on my fitness

If I’m not sleeping or at my internship, there is a 99.9% chance I’m at the gym.I’ve  become a little obsessed with it but, that’s because I’m actually seeing results! I have lost about 25 pounds and have dropped 3 pant sizes. But, I am no fitness guru nor am I buff.

A loved one became ill

My grandmother needed to have open heart surgery and a pacemaker put in. This was extremely hard for me due to the fact that my grandmother is my best friend. Growing up, I didn’t have many friends. When I wanted to go shopping with someone, eat lunch, gossip, or watch The Kardashians I ALWAYS called my grandmother (Grammy). She was basically a second mother to me. Thankfully, I have a great family unit and we were all there to support one another. Now, my grandmother is on the road to recovery and is doing so well!

Hopefully, the month of July isn’t as stressful as these past 2 months!


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TV SHOW: Southern Charm

FOOD: Philly Cheesesteak

WORKOUT: Anything to help my baby biceps

ACTIVITY:  Working at my internship


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“Inhale confidence, exhale doubt”

First, I want to apologize for the fact that I have been MIA. March has been one hell of a month that has been filled with so many exciting and stressful things. Let me break it down for you.

  • I had to create a big girl resume and cover letter
  • I had to actually apply to internships
    • Anyone who has been applying to internships knows how stressful this is. You proofread your resume 5 million times, you question if that’s how you actually spell your name,  and you question whether or not you can actually do the work.
  • My phone screen and battery are pretty much dead. Therefore I have to come up with the money to buy a new iPhone. Who knew that the iPhone 7 was $900?!?
  • Last week was honestly the week from hell. I had a stats test AND a Spanish test the same day. Let’s be real math is pretty much a language within itself.
  • Spring Break was a blast BUT I had 2 interviews for 2 different internships. I was sweating bullets.
  • After the interview,  I was checking my phone and email every minute

Honestly, when I read that list it doesn’t seem like much has happened this month. But, when this is all happening at once it can become overwhelming.

In regards to the 2 internships, I landed both of them!! I will be helping a local brewery with their social media and possibly helping with a wedding reception. My other internship is a marketing one with Live Nation. So hello to adulting, beer and concerts all summer long!

Now that I have successfully landed 2 internships I can kind of relax. I say kind of because my Spring semester ends in May. So please say a little prayer for me because that means tons of final projects and tests.

Here’s to March and the many opportunities it brought me!



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BOOK: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

TV SHOW: Big Little Lies

FOOD: Tuna Pasta

WORKOUT: Any back exercise!

ACTIVITY: Journaling

March Playlist: