As a junior in college, I now live in a one bedroom apartment! I have actually lived here since last semester. My apartment is still considered on campus even though it isn’t actually “on campus”. This just means I can’t paint or have an animal (which sucks).

My apartment did come fully furnished! I did buy a couple of pieces though just to make it more like home and for storage reasons. Ya girl has A LOT of stuff.

I am still in the process of decorating and changing the vibe of my space. But here is what it looks like now!

Outside of my door, I put this cute little mat! The first night back at school someone moved it but hopefully, no one messes with it anymore.


This doormat was only $10.99 from Target


This doormat will add character to any door! Especially in a boring college hallway.



BEDROOM 1FullSizeRender-15


















I’m currently trying to find an inexpensive cow hide rug. I am also trying to make my living space match my tapestries and cow skull! Slowly but surely my space will come together. But for now, I am very happy with it!






” You Gotta Nourish To Flourish”

As August comes to an end I am feeling both sad and happy. August marks the end of the summer but is the start of my junior year in college. This summer was magical for me and was the best summer I have ever had.

Throughout the summer I spent most of my time at my internship. When you think of an internship you think of working in a large office and doing tons of paperwork. My internship was the complete opposite! My internship with Live Nation was extremely rewarding and fun at the same time.

This summer I was able to attend 19 concerts! These concerts were:

  • Chris Stapleton
  • Train
  • Chance the Rapper
  • Florida Georgia Line
  • One Republic
  • Kings Of Leon
  • Lady A
  • Chicago
  • R Kelly
  • Sam Hunt
  • Foreigner
  • Boston
  • Warped Tour
  • Nickelback
  • Shaggfest

& TONS more

My favorite concerts would have to be Chris Stapleton, Kings Of Leon, and seeing Nelly. But, production wise, One Republic was by far my favorite!


This internship allowed me to meet professionals in my field, meet the acts, and learn SO much. I was able to meet people who worked with the radio stations & interact with individuals who were extremely passionate about what they did.

When I wasn’t at my internship I was able to spend time with my boyfriend and my family.  I went to some baseball games, kayaked, and spent time at the beach.



August 21st marked my 20th birthday. I have lived such a fulfilling life these past 20 years. My birthday isn’t considered a large day for me, but I am thankful for the people who made it special for me. Also, the solar eclipse took place on my birthday so that’s pretty cool!


Heres to having a positive & productive Junior year






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TV SHOW: Riverdale

MUSIC: Gud Vibrations Radio

FOOD: Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly

WORKOUT: Any shoulder workout

ACCESSORY: Gold Anklet



“Inhale confidence, exhale doubt”

First, I want to apologize for the fact that I have been MIA. March has been one hell of a month that has been filled with so many exciting and stressful things. Let me break it down for you.

  • I had to create a big girl resume and cover letter
  • I had to actually apply to internships
    • Anyone who has been applying to internships knows how stressful this is. You proofread your resume 5 million times, you question if that’s how you actually spell your name,  and you question whether or not you can actually do the work.
  • My phone screen and battery are pretty much dead. Therefore I have to come up with the money to buy a new iPhone. Who knew that the iPhone 7 was $900?!?
  • Last week was honestly the week from hell. I had a stats test AND a Spanish test the same day. Let’s be real math is pretty much a language within itself.
  • Spring Break was a blast BUT I had 2 interviews for 2 different internships. I was sweating bullets.
  • After the interview,  I was checking my phone and email every minute

Honestly, when I read that list it doesn’t seem like much has happened this month. But, when this is all happening at once it can become overwhelming.

In regards to the 2 internships, I landed both of them!! I will be helping a local brewery with their social media and possibly helping with a wedding reception. My other internship is a marketing one with Live Nation. So hello to adulting, beer and concerts all summer long!

Now that I have successfully landed 2 internships I can kind of relax. I say kind of because my Spring semester ends in May. So please say a little prayer for me because that means tons of final projects and tests.

Here’s to March and the many opportunities it brought me!



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BOOK: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

TV SHOW: Big Little Lies

FOOD: Tuna Pasta

WORKOUT: Any back exercise!

ACTIVITY: Journaling

March Playlist:

Bullet journaling has been all the rage on Pinterest. Naturally since I saw everyone else creating one I had to start one. In fact, my 2017 resolution was to make a bullet journal and actually keep up with it! Unfortunately, I have started it, but, I haven’t been keeping up with it.

Before I share my bullet journal I just want to say that my bullet journal is NOT perfect. I’m slowly working on it and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment (please I need help).

I purchased my journal from Barnes & Noble for only $10. I bought a cheaper one because a little part of me knew I wasn’t going to keep up with it very well. I decorated the plain journal with washi tape that was purchased at a local craft store.


For the month of March, I kept my title page simple! This isn’t my cutest page but, it didn’t turn out too bad! fullsizerender-1

My previous title pages were a lot cuter. All I did was cut out scrapbook paper and glue it to the page! It’s super easy and it gives your pages an extra pop. If you have a Tuesday Mornings near you I highly recommend that you go there! That is where I purchased most of my scrapbook paper for about $5. They have a large section of art and scrapbooking supplies for a great price!

Here are my previous monthly pages:



This month I actually made a monthly layout. Normally I don’t because I’m a perfectionist and I get irritated when the blocks aren’t all the same size. It does take a lot of time but, it looks super cute!

•••Remember to make your lines in soft pencil so when you erase it you can’t see the lines that were once there.



Yes, I know it’s weird that my days of the week are at the bottom. But, this is because I made my blocks too large! Putting them at the bottom saved me from ripping this page out and starting all over again! I’m trying to accept my mistakes.

At the top, I put a quote that caught my eye. The quote reads “Learn when it’s best to bite your tongue. Temper the nest of hornets in your loveless mouth”. Next, to the quote, I put the month of April so I know what the month is going to look like. Honestly, I just did this to fill the space (oops).

Below the month of April, I put a notes section so I can jot down important things that are going to happen within that month. This is supposed to help me remember things but, I will probably forget.

Now, for my weekly spread, I kept it simple. For each week I typically plan out one week at a time.This helps me get my mind right for the week that is ahead and if I want to change my weekly spread I can!fullsizerender-3

My goal for this month is to doodle little things that I did for each day. Also, I am going to leave a large space on either the left or right side of the page so I can write a quote in new, font. This will help me step my calligraphy game up.

For my last page, I created a simple memories page. This is where I will glue everything that I have acquired over the month.I love the idea of this page because it will be nice to go back and look at all of the fun things I did during that particular month!


I left the page to the right blank for a reason. On this page, I will glue my favorite photo from this month and journal about that day. I will write about why that was my favorite photo and what happened!

Fingers crossed that I actually go through with journaling this month! I really want to be able to look back and see the things I’ve done and how I have grown in my artistic abilities.

It’s important to remember that your bullet journal doesn’t have to be perfect. Yes, Pinterest has some beautiful bullet journal pages but, it probably took that person hours to create that page! The beauty in a bullet journal is that it’s messy and it’s not organized! It’s all of your thoughts, plans, and ideas in one cute little journal!

Other pages I’ve done: