“Surround yourself with positive beings”

February has been a very productive month for me. This was the month that I officially started my blog! I have had this idea for a couple of months but, I was so busy that I never got around to it. Also, I was a little afraid to start it. I was always thinking that people wouldn’t read it or like it. Once I got past that fear, I bought my domain name and now here I am. I was thinking negatively like I always do.

Previously when I was living with roommates I was always thinking about the worst possible scenario and never putting myself out there. But, now that I live in a one-bedroom apartment things have changed for the better. When I first told everyone that I was living alone I got the same response. “Why? That sounds super boring to be by yourself all the time”. Well, let me tell you, living by yourself is awesome. You don’t have to listen to anyone and you get to be your authentic self. 

Being my authentic self was the theme for this month. I sat down and made a list of everything I wanted to achieve and how to get there. I finally put myself out there and joined student ran organizations that would help me better my future. I stepped out of my comfort zone and wasn’t afraid of getting denied.

I started a bullet journal, I got back into working out, and most importantly I dropped all of the dead weight in my life. This was the month of realizing that if someone or something wasn’t making a positive impact in my life it was time to let it go. I realized that going out every weekend isn’t necessary. It’s true no one is going to care if you missed that party. I started studying more and focusing on the positive things rather than the negative things.

My anxiety is at an all time low because I have surrounded myself with positive, like-minded people. That saying “you are the company you keep” is very true.




BOOKS: Girl Boss

TV SHOW: The People v. O.J.

MUSIC:  SweetSexySavage by Kehlani

FOOD: Fish

WORKOUT: The Row Machine

ACCESSORY: Pandora Chocker

ACTIVITY: Painting

How To Create a Gallery Wall

If you have every been on Pinterest, you understand my obsession with creating the perfect gallery wall. Most of the gallery walls are filled with art that range from $50- $400!! As a college student, I can’t afford that! For less than $100 I created the perfect gallery wall.  Keep reading to see how I achieved this super cute gallery wall!


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When creating a gallery wall, Tj Maxx, Home Goods, and Ross will become your new BFF. Seriously, this place will become your second home.

But, before heading to your local Tj Maxx, Home Goods, or Ross you must decide what color scheme you are going to work with. For me, I chose black and gold due to the fact that my entire room is gray with gold accents.  I went with a monochromatic look due to the fact that it never gets old!

Once you have decided what color scheme you want, it’s time to start looking for your main focal piece. This piece is important because this is where everyone’s eyes will go first! For me, the deer head was my main focal piece. I bought the deer head for about $30 at Homegoods. If a deer head isn’t quite your style, you could try using a large mirror like the one below. Now, remember, this is going to be your most expensive piece due to that fact that you want in to be the largest and super cute!


After you have chosen your focal piece, it is time to start looking for accent photos to go around it. It’s important that all of your photos have something in common. For example, if you were to buy the mirror above, you would want your photos to have gold details! Also, finding photos with cute quotes is never a bad idea.


To make your gallery wall more personal I suggest printing out your favorite photos and putting them in frames. You can get frames anywhere! I would check your local Dollar Store first.

There are tons of websites online that offer free printables! Print these photos out and tape them to your wall using cute washi tape! If you want to be fancy, you can put them into cute frames! To find free printables click the picture below.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 3.12.38 PM.png

Lastly, adding lights or a banner will make your gallery wall come to life! I purchased my Edison lights from target for $22. But, you can get your lights from anywhere.


Creating a cute gallery wall for your dorm room or apartment will make you look like a decorating genius! Trust me you will get tons of compliments. Plus, it makes for a cute Instagram post.

If you created a gallery wall after reading this blog post an Instagram picture and tag @laurrlaymann!